HACA consolidated its wait lists in 2011.  An applicant can have more than one position on HACA's consolidated wait list based on eligibility for more than one housing program.  Because of the complexity of multiple potential simultaneous wait list positions, HACA does not provide wait list positions to applicants.  If you require written confirmation that you are on HACA's wait list, please submit your request in writing.  In your written request provide the name of the applicant, the last four digits of the applicant's social security number, the year you applied and the program you applied for.

HACA usually has fewer than 5 openings, in total, each month for both programs.  As a result, it’s not unusual to have to wait years to be selected from the waiting list.

Because of the large number of applicants, HACA is not able to take questions about individual applications by phone. 

If your contact information, family composition, or any other application information has changed, complete a HACA Wait List Update Form and return it as indicated on the form. This form is NOT an application.  The HACA Wait List Update Form is ONLY used to update your information once you are on the waiting list.


For applicant Wait List questions, please contact Ms. Fisher or send postal mail to:


HACA—Wait List
22941 Atherton Street
Hayward CA 94541-6633