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How Much Rent Can I Charge? Written by Irv Aragon 37096
My Section 8 tenant just died. What happens to the HAP Contract? Written by Ron Dion 8620
About HACA's monthly HAP check Written by Ron Dion 7411
Can I evict a Section 8 tenant? Written by Ron Dion 7319
What's an HQS Inspection? Written by Administrator 6825
Will you help me lease up? Written by Irv Aragon 6451
How much paperwork is there? Written by Ron Dion 4955
What about rent increases? Written by Administrator 4185
What are my responsibilities under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)? Written by Ron Dion 3956
Dear HACA Accounting Department... Written by Ron Dion 3857
How do I get started? Written by Administrator 3020
Do I have to lease to anyone with a Section 8 voucher? Written by Ron Dion 2957
What if I have more questions? Written by Administrator 2723
How do I get paid? Written by Administrator 2563
Can a Section 8 tenant rent a furnished apartment? Written by Ron Dion 2396
I may be facing foreclosure. What do I need to do first? Written by Ron Dion 2377
What are the new tenant foreclosure protections? Written by Ron Dion 2226

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