COVID-19 UPDATEHACA’s office is temporarily closed to the public until further notice and all in-person meetings are suspended.  During this time, the Housing Commission meetings are being conducted via Zoom and telephone.   The dates and times of the Housing Commission meetings as well as information on how the public can participate in these meetings can be accessed via the HACA Calendar.   

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility during the COVID-19 public health emergency.  If you have any questions, please email

How to participate via Zoom and/or by Telephone

Housing Commission Meeting Agenda:  November 18, 2020



If you wish to comment on a matter NOT on the agenda, please email your comment, to, preferably by 5:00 p.m. on November 17, 2020.   Your comment(s) will be shared during the meeting when the Chairperson calls for Public Comment.  If you are attending the meeting on Zoom or by telephone please wait for the Chairperson to call for Public Comments then upon recognition by the Chairperson, state your name, comments and/or questions.   To allow the opportunity for all to speak, a time limit of 3 minutes has been set for public speakers wishing to address the Housing Commission.  The Chairperson has the discretion to further limit this time if warranted by the number of speakers.  Anyone wishing to address the Housing Commission on an agenda item or on business introduced by the Housing Commission may do so when the Chairperson calls for comments on the agenda item.   NOTE: Only matters within the Housing Commission’s jurisdiction may be addressed.    Thank you for your understanding and flexibility during the COVID-19 public health emergency. If you have any questions, please contact (510)727-8511 or

Housing Commission Meeting Agenda Packets:  2010 – 2020

The HACA Housing Commission meeting agenda packets for 2010-2020 can be viewed here:

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Delegation of Powers

The Housing Authority of the County of Alameda (“HACA”) was established by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors (“the Board”) on August 15, 1968, pursuant to Section 34240 of the Health and Safety Code of the State of California.  The Board served as HACA’s board of commissioners until November 29, 1977 when it adopted Ordinance #77-94 and established a Housing Commission.

The HACA Housing Commission is responsible for policy direction for an array of functions including HUD program administration, reporting and contracting; procurement and contracting for services and supplies, including construction, acquisition, and renovation of HACA-owned housing units; personnel functions, including negotiations with the union representing non-management employees; HUD program operational issues; budget approval; and audit approval.

There are 12 seats on the Housing Commission: one for a representative from each of the nine cities in HACA’s jurisdiction, one for a representative of the county’s unincorporated areas,  one for a representative of HACA tenants and one for a representative of HACA’s senior tenants (62 years or older).   The Housing Commissioners are generally members of the city council of the city they represent, however, this is not a requirement and from time to time, some cities have appointed persons who are not council members.  Housing Commissioners serve four-year terms and may serve a total of three terms (i.e., 12 years).

Housing Commissioners

Albany Peggy McQuaid
Housing Commissioner
Dublin Shawn Kumagai
Housing Commissioner
Emeryville Christian Patz (Vice Chairperson)
Housing Commissioner
Fremont Yang Shao
Housing Commissioner
Hayward Sara Lamnin
Housing Commissioner
Newark Michael Hannon (Chairperson)
Housing Commissioner
Pleasanton Arne Olson
Housing Commissioner
San Leandro Pete Ballew
Housing Commissioner
Senior Tenants Vacant
Tenants Angela Finley
Tenant Commissioner
Unincorporated Areas Mark Gerry
Housing Commissioner
Union City Pat Gacoscos
Housing Commissioner

Housing Commission Correspondence

Mail to:

Housing Authority of the County of Alameda
Attention:  Melissa Taesali, Housing Commission Clerk
22941 Atherton Street
Hayward, California  94541-6633

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