Next Regular Meeting:

Wednesday, June 12, 2024, at 8:00 a.m.

About the meeting location:

The Housing Commission meets in the HACA Board Room located at 22941 Atherton Street in Hayward. The meeting location is open to the public and members of the public also have the option to observe and participate in the meeting remotely at the following link:

If attending in person and  you wish to speak on a matter, please request a speaker slip from the Housing Commission Clerk, fill it out then return the speaker slip to her  as soon as possible before the start of the meeting. Members of the public who are participating remotely should submit their written comment(s) to:

For both in-person and remote attendees, if you wish to comment on a matter NOT on the Housing Commission’s agenda, please  wait until the Chairperson calls for PUBLIC COMMENT.  To comment a specific item on the meeting agenda, please wait for the Chairperson to call for public comments on that agenda item. There is a time limit of 3 minutes for each public speaker. The Chairperson has the discretion to further limit this time if warranted by the number of public speakers. 

 The Brown Act restricts the Housing Commission from discussing and/or taking action on any matters that are not on the meeting agenda.  Therefore, matters that are raised during public comment will be referred to staff.  We want to ensure everyone feels comfortable participating in Housing Commission meetings and is not intimidated by any public comments.

The HACA Housing Commission meeting agenda packets  can be accessed by clicking the button below:

To request a copy of meeting agenda packets prior to 2010, please email your request to:

Delegation of Powers

The Housing Authority of the County of Alameda (“HACA”) was established by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors (“the Board”) on August 15, 1968, pursuant to Section 34240 of the Health and Safety Code of the State of California.  The Board served as HACA’s board of commissioners until November 29, 1977 when it adopted Ordinance #77-94 and established a Housing Commission.

The HACA Housing Commission is responsible for policy direction for an array of functions including HUD program administration, reporting and contracting; procurement and contracting for services and supplies, including construction, acquisition, and renovation of HACA-owned housing units; personnel functions, including negotiations with the union representing non-management employees; HUD program operational issues; budget approval; and audit approval.

There are 12 seats on the Housing Commission: one for a representative from each of the nine cities in HACA’s jurisdiction, one for a representative of the county’s unincorporated areas,  one for a representative of HACA tenants and one for a representative of HACA’s senior tenants (62 years or older).   The Housing Commissioners are generally members of the city council of the city they represent, however, this is not a requirement and from time to time, some cities have appointed persons who are not council members.  Housing Commissioners serve four-year terms and may serve a total of three terms (i.e., 12 years).

Housing Commissioners

AlbanyPeggy McQuaid
DublinMichael McCorriston (Vice Chair)
EmeryvilleCourtney Welch
FremontYang Shao (Chair)
HaywardDaniel Goldstein
NewarkMichael Hannon
PleasantonSeema Chawla
San LeandroPete Ballew
Senior TenantsHelen Mayfield
TenantsAngela Finley
Unincorporated AreasMark Gerry
Union CityScott Sakakihara

Housing Commission Correspondence

Mail to:

Housing Authority of the County of Alameda
Attention:  Melissa Taesali, Housing Commission Clerk
22941 Atherton Street
Hayward, California  94541-6633

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