Why do I need to submit a W-9 or W-9 substitute for owner and payee?

For 1099 reporting purposes, the IRS requires HACA to have a W-9 on file for every HACA vendor and payee.  If the owner is not the payee, we need the owner information, including tax identification number, in case there is a change in payee and to verify ownership of the subsidized unit.  If the payee is a property management company, please provide the tax identification number of the property management company.  The W-9 needs to be completed accurately.  If the payee name does not match the identification number (SSN or EIN), the IRS will issue HACA a penalty and be required to initiate backup withholding of 30% from the payee.

Why do I sometimes get requests from HACA for owner/agent information?

HACA is required to maintain owner/agent information for prompt, accurate payment to our owners and for verification/auditing purposes.  You will be notified if the paperwork received by HACA is incomplete or inconsistent with what is on file with our agency.

How do I process a change in ownership?

The new owner will need to complete and return an Owner Change form, click the link below:

and a W-9.  The new owner may also be requested to provide a copy of the recorded grant deed, final closing escrow statement or other legal document showing the transfer of title.  If the property will be managed by a property management company or agent, the new owner will need to provide a copy of the Management Agreement.

What information should I have available when contacting the Accounting Department with Questions?

So that we may better assist you, please have your Vendor Account number; the first and last name of your tenant; and/or the unit address.

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