It depends on whether there are any additional approved family members in the assisted unit.

  • Unless there is, at least, one remaining family member, the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract terminates automatically on the death of a single-member household, including one with a live-in aide.  Any pre-paid HAP Contract payment beyond the contract termination date must be repaid.
  • If there is, at least, one remaining family member 18 years or older who can act as the “head of household”, the HAP Contract will remain in force.
  • If there are no remaining adults, but, at least, one minor, HACA will immediately contact the person identified as the “emergency contact” and determine who will care for the minor(s).  If necessary, HACA will continue HAP payments for up to 180-days to allow time for a caretaker or new guardian to join the minors in the assisted unit.  HAP payments end the date HACA determines the family has vacated the unit.

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