To Section 8 Participants, Landlords, Residents, and Partners:

The Housing Authority of the County of Alameda (HACA) is doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its variants in our community.  HACA is closely monitoring guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Alameda County Public Health Department and has implemented a number of safety measures to  ensure that our residents, program participants, landlords, and partners are safe and that our staff is protected while working  here at HACA. 

Effective March 17, 2020, based on recommendations from local public health and state government officials, HACA’s  office building is temporarily closed to the public and all IN-PERSON services, meetings, briefings and appointments are suspended until further notice.

Although the ever-evolving nature of this public health crisis has impacted HACA’s operations, our work continues.  During this temporary office closure and suspension of in-person services  ask that you not visit our office or residential properties but use one of these alternative methods that we have in place to communicate with HACA staff:

To download this information click here:  HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH HACA STAFF.  You can also communicate with HACA though our website contact form by clicking here:  SEND US AN EMAIL

For your convenience, the most frequently used forms can be downloaded by clicking on the title of the form below:


  • HACA anticipates we will be able to continue to make housing assistance payments.  If there is a delay in funding from HUD that impacts payments, we will notify you.  Further, HACA will continue to pay landlords via direct deposit, for those who have signed up for direct deposit.  This is a good time to sign up for direct deposit if you haven’t done so.
  • HACA’s Landlord Portal is operational.
  • Please note that many Section 8 tenants’ employment may be affected by shelter in place orders.  There may be tenants who are challenged to pay their portion of rent on time.  We ask for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.
  • Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-28-20 places protections against certain COVID 19-related evictions.  Further, many cities and counties have also implemented eviction protections.  Check with your city, county or rental owner association for more information.
  • Currently, HACA anticipates we will be able to continue to process rent increase requests; however, there may be a delay in processing as we have many staff sheltering at home.  We ask for your patience and understanding.


  • As of April 10, the Alameda County Housing Authority (HACA) has implemented the following waivers made available to the Housing Choice Voucher program in order to prioritize mission-critical functions in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. HACA wants you to be informed of these waivers.
  • If you have a loss of income due to COVID 19 and need your rent portion to be adjusted, email or call your Eligibility Technician.  We will need to know the details of your loss of income (e.g. date last worked, date work hours were reduced, etc.).  If you have any documentation of your loss of income, and/or that you have applied for Unemployment Benefits, submit it to your Eligibility Technician with your request.  If you don’t have documentation, explain that to your Eligibility Technician. If you will be dropping off or mailing documents, please label the documents “Family Notice of Change” so we can easily identify them.  Please also let your Eligibility Technician know that you have dropped off or mailed the documents.  Although HACA’s office remains closed, our 24-Hour Drop Box at the office is operational.  HACA is quarantining paper documents received through the mail or drop box for 24 hours before distributing documents to staff.  Please allow additional time for processing of your paper requests.
  • HACA will be making COVID 19-related interim rent adjustments a priority.  If you don’t know your Eligibility Technician’s contact information please call HACA’s Customer Solution Center at (510) 538-8876.
  • Economic Impact Payments (that is, the special checks from the federal government) will not be counted towards your household income.  Please do not notify HACA if/when you receive this specific payment.
  • Regular unemployment benefits will be counted towards your household income.  Please report regular unemployment benefits if you are requesting a change to your portion of the rent due to a decrease in income.  The additional $600 per week on top of regular unemployment benefits will not be counted towards income. We are still processing moves to new units.
  • If you were planning to move but need to extend your move-out date, please submit a mutual agreement signed by you and your landlord to HACA’s moving team at   You can also submit an email, and have your landlord submit one as well, confirming the mutual agreement.
  • If HACA has requested documents from you and you require additional time to provide those documents, request the additional time from the person who requested the documents from you.  HACA is being flexible and will consider all requests in light of the COVID-19 crisis.
  • HACA will continue move-in HQS inspections and emergency Health & Safety inspections as normal.  HACA has suspended annual and biennial HQS inspections until May 31, or further notice.

Residents of HACA/PACH-Owned Properties:

  • Our maintenance team will continue to do any emergency Health & Safety work orders with a higher level of distancing and infection prevention measures in place.  Please maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from them.

For information on local eviction and other COVID-19 related policies, please visit your city’s website below:

Additionally, the following letter was sent out to participants and landlords regarding HUD’s temporary suspension of eviction for nonpayment of rent. For Spanish, click here.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support during these uncertain times.

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